Order Early And Save!

Early ordering with Northeastern Vine Supply, Inc. means discounted vine prices and a guarantee that we will have everything you need available. It takes more than 18 months for us to produce our premium quality bare root grapevines. While we are one of the country’s largest suppliers of cold hardy grapevine varieties, the ever growing demand for our vines means that we can still sell out early some years on some varieties.

Now is the time to place Early Orders for 2024. Early orders over 500 vines that are placed before before January 31, 2023 qualify for an 8% discount on the cost of the vines. Early ordering in and quantity provides assurance that you will have exactly the numbers you need of any variety as our large bare root vines. Any variety off of our website may be ordered early. Additionally we custom propagate dozens of other varieties. If you do not see what you are looking for on our list, just ask. Here is a partial list of varieties available for Early Ordering. Please keep in mind that these need to be ordered before January 31st of the year prior to planting.

Varieties (in addition to all varieties listed on our website) Available for Custom Propagation (2024 Delivery):

Baco Noir
Geneva Red
Leon Millot
St. Vincent

Seyval Blanc
Vidal Blanc

Lots of Seedless as well.

Payment terms for early orders, over 500 vines:

1/3 at time of order,
1/3 on January 1,
1/3 on April 1.

We request that all orders over $5,000 are paid by check. Vines will not be held without payment at the time of order - payment is required before vines will be reserved or shipped. Vines must be paid for in full prior to shipping.

No changes or cancellations will be accepted for Early Orders. Any payments made towards an early order will be forfeited if changes or cancellations are made.

NEW:  We are now accepting orders UNDER 500 VINES as advanced orders for delivery in Spring 2024.  Orders under 500 vines do not receive the 8% early ordering discount. Payment on early orders under 500 vines is due at the time of ordering. No changes or cancellations will be accepted for early orders of under 500 vines.