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Frontenac Vine


Bears a full crop after -35F. This is a very vigorous vine with immunity to downy mildew and fair resistance to powdery mildew. Black rot must be controlled. Arching in growth, suitable for top wire cordon or VSP. Buds out mid season and ripens late to 25 brix or higher. Wine is garnet in color with an intense cherry, plum and sometimes chocolate aromas. Requires ample heat to reduce its typically high acidity. Frontenac has proven itself very versatile in the winery. Recently we have seen a surge of Frontenac plantings for making sweet red table wine. This wine category is one of the fastest growing. In addition, medium bodied red table wines, excellent rose or port wines are also being made from Frontenac. Some rose is blended with Frontenac gris for more complexity. And now, vin de paille, or straw wine, is being made from naturally dried Frontenac. Selected by the U of MN. $.25 ROYALTY TO THE MN NURSERYMANS RESEARCH CORP. WILL BE ADDED TO EACH VINE.


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