Red Wine

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Marquette Vine


Cold hardy to -36F. A grandson of Pinot Noir, this selection sets a new standard in cold hardy wine grapes. Very good resistance to downy mildew, moderate susceptibility to powdery mildew and black rot. Semi upright to arching growth habit, suitable to high wire cordon training, but also works on vertical shoot position. Very early bud break, plant only in areas with very good frost drainage. The wine is very complex with black currant, cherry, black pepper and spice in the aroma profile and moderate tannins. TA can range from 9 g/l to 12 g/l and 23-27 brix. This is an excellent choice for medium bodied dry red wine, but can also be blended or make very good rose. Selected by the U of MN. $.75 ROYALTY PER VINE WILL BE ADDED AND PAID TO THE U OF MN.


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