Red Wine

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Sabrevois Vine


Hardy to -35F. This is a sister seedling of St. Croix. Ripens about a week after St. Croix to around 20 brix. Very good disease resistance, this is one of the toughest vines that we grow. Trailing growth habit with strong vigor. This variety may prove useful in areas too cool for most other varieties. Seems to produce better wines in cool years or from colder sites. Sometimes develops off-aromas on hot sites. Wine is dark in color and fruity with nice berry aromas and flavors. Tannin can be fair. Acidity is on the low end and so blending with higher acid varieties is possible. Makes an outstanding sweet red wine which sells quickly. Sulfur sensitive. Selected by Elmer Swenson. SOLD OUT FOR 2023. PLEASE EMAIL FOR 2024 ORDERING.

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