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Somerset Seedless Vine

Somerset Seedless

Hardy to near -30F and early ripening. Trailing growth habit and moderate vigor. Produces small to medium sized well filled clusters of pinkish red berries. Good texture, semi-adherent skin, strawberry-like flavor. A nice addition to the vineyard for fresh eating. Selected by Elmer Swenson. SOLD OUT FOR 2021. NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR 2022 BY PHONE OR EMAIL ONLY.

Please call or email for availability.


15,000+ vines: $2.95 each

5,000+ vines: $3.65 each

500-4,999 vines: $3.75 each

50-499 vines: $3.90 each

26-49 vines: $6.50 each

1-25 vines: $11.00 each