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Brianna Vine


Proving to be very hardy, to around -30F. In recent years this vigorous variety has been quickly replacing Edelweiss, which has shown winter injury in some years at surprisingly mild temperatures, due to its superior winter hardiness. Extremely productive, with small to medium sized tight clusters, fair disease resistance, susceptible to crown gall in frost prone locations. Trailing growth habit capable of producing long canes if not green pruned. Brianna wine is becoming increasingly popular due to its big, tropical fruit aromas. Pineapple is a typical aroma, with other tropical and stone fruit aromas in the background. While early ripening, often the end of August or first week of September, acid remains high. Best harvested when the ph is 3.2-3.5. Often finished with some residual sugar. Makes a good seed table grape also. Selected by Elmer Swenson.


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