White Wine

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Edelweiss Vine


Hardy to about -20F, although has suffered injury on some sites at -15F. Widely adaptable, Edelweiss has long been a very popular choice for sweet, germanic style white wines in the midwest. The quality of the wines has earned it much acclaim, including The Best in Show white wine at the 2009 ICCWC. Grower reports in recent years have shown winter injury at relatively mild temperatures of -15F This may be due to a combination of factors including crop size, disease pressure, and drought stress, but it is important to know if considering planting in a cold spot. Trailing growth habit. Early bud break and early to ripen. Best harvested early, around 17 brix to minimize labrusca aromas that will develop if left on the vine. Makes a nice seeded table grape and juice grape too. Selected by Elmer Swenson. SOLD OUT FOR 2022.

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