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Frontenac gris Vine

Frontenac gris

This mutation of Frontenac was found growing at the U of MN. Culturally it is identical to Frontenac, with great hardiness and good disease resistance. Ripening time is a little earlier than Frontenac. Small grey to bronze berries are born on medium sized, loose clusters. Berry splitting and botrytis have not been observed. Suitable for high quality table and dessert wines, late harvest, ice wines and straw wines. Small quantities blended into a dry white blend add bright aromatics to more neutral base wines, like Prairie Star. When given a short period of skin contact, or when blended with cold pressed Frontenac, Frontenac gris makes an amazing rose. Ripens mid season with aromas that include grapefruit, peach, and pineapple. Labrusca and herbaceous aromas have not been detected. Selected by the U of MN. A $.50 ROYALTY TO U OF MN WILL BE ADDED TO EACH VINE.


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