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La Crescent Vine

La Crescent

In good conditions, hardy to -36F. La Crescent is a moderate to high vigor release from the University of MN. Trailing growth habit. Early bud break and early to mid season ripening. Quite susceptible to downy mildew and black rot, but this is easily controlled with a careful spray program. Early defoliation due to downy or powdery mildew must be controlled to allow the vine to fully harden off for winter. Seems to prefer drier soils. Prone to shelling near harvest, late harvest is not an option. Well ripened La Crescent will reach 22-27 brix with 12-14 g/l acidity. Wine can be excellent, winning Best of Show for cold climate whites at several ICCW competitions. Big, bright aromatics include lots of apricot, lime and honey. Similar to a good Vignole or Riesling. Can be made dry in the best years if acid drops and it is properly handled in the winery. Often finished off dry to sweet. Also makes wonderful rich dessert wines. Selected by the U of MN. A $.50 ROYALTY TO U OF MN WILL BE ADDED TO EACH VINE.


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