White Wine

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St. Pepin Vine

St. Pepin

Hardy to around -26F. This variety is not self fruitful and requires another variety that blooms at the same time to be planted near it for proper fruit set. Suitable pollinators are Louise, Praire Star, Brianna, LaCrosse, and to a lesser degree the Frontenac family. Yield can be up to 4 tons per acre when planted 2 rows of St. Pepin with one row of pollinator on either side. Medium sized berries on medium sized loose clusters. St. Pepin has moderate vigor and a very easy to manage canopy. Leaves are on the smaller side allowing good sun exposure to the clusters. We like it grown on high wire cordon. Ripens mid season to about 22 brix and under 1% TA. Can make outstanding dry or off-dry white wine. Thick skins allow St. Pepin to hang on the vine for late harvest or ice wine. Wine can be excellent, approaching Riesling in quality. Aromatics include lemon, grapefruit and honeysuckle. Selected by Elmer Swenson.


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