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Swenson White Vine

Swenson White

Hardy to around -30F. Quite vigorous. This offspring of Edelweiss was an attempt by Elmer Swenson to improve upon that variety. We think that Swenson White is a great improvement! Trailing growth habit suited to top wire cordon. Large berries on large clusters makes this selection easy to harvest. Ripens mid to late season to just over 20 brix, but has thick skins that allow it to hang on the vine very late. In warmer climates, Swenson White may develop labrusca aromas if over ripe. May make the best wines in cooler climates. Wines are intensely aromatic with floral and tropical fruit notes. Can be used in ice wine production in cooler areas. Also a great blending addition to add aromatics to a more neutral wine. Nice seeded table grape. Selected by Elmer Swenson. SOLD OUT FOR 2023.

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